The Rteckpacific® terminal boxes (tek box small 117mm square plus tabs) have many applications in the industrial & commercial sectors because of there innovative design features.

Applications in the commercial sector include plant rooms & there associated equipment & other commercial infrastructure.

In the industrial sector there is a huge range of applications in very large plants with harsh conditions & small high tech factories, where best quality, ease of use is paramount & expensive down time is part of the territory. In these environments the Rteckpacific® terminal boxes are ideal. If you are installing expensive machinery Rteckpacific® terminal boxes will make a superior link to your PLC input & output racks.

Our terminal boxes are currently being used in multiple plants by industry leaders in the harsh mining, cement, pulp & paper, steel industries, aluminium, wood processing and food processing.

Uses include field terminations of Proximity switches, zero speed switches, limit switches, photo eyes, solenoid controls, instrumentation controls, lighting & small power requirements just to mention a few.

See the quick guide list & judge for your self.

Plant maintenance electricians & contractors will enjoy the innovation, quality & user friendly concepts of our Teck boxes resulting in increased productivity by speeding up installations & reducing expensive plant down time.

Need More Information?

Rteck PDF files showing our full product information are available on request for bonafide customers. Contact us for more info.